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2021 TGIOKDI Year In Review

Looking back at my 2020 post, wow I seemed so absolutely optimistic about the future, though in my defense, I posted that only 7 days before the assault on the US Capitol that somehow only resulted in a single death, not one of the politicians that were targeted, thank god, but one of the insurrectionists that had broken through a window, made it to the secure area where the USVP was being secured, then broke through one of the interior security windows, was warned several times by an on duty police officer that had a gun on her, but she...


Home Depot Blinds

I ordered the 34.5 inch. They mailed me the 35 inch. Inside the 35 inch box was a set 33.75inch blinds.   They do not offer online returns, so now I need to find a home depot location near me and get a refund.

Anatomy of a Take over 0

Anatomy of a Take over

Gratuitously stolen from reddit:  As of Nov. 3rd the problem Trump had to solve is this: “How do I retain the presidency even though I lost the electoral college?” Let’s start by reverse engineering the problem… How do I retain the presidency even though I lost the electoral college? The only viable path to victory is to force a contingent election whereby congress decides who is the next president. (we’ve already done the math and you have the numbers to win.) How do I force a contingent election? At this point the only viable way is to make sure that...

I am now officially boosted 0

I am now officially boosted

I received my third covid shot today. I’m boosted. Then I came home and found that my refrigerator was broken and now I have to spend $200 on a control board.


November 14, 2021 Blog

This is Odo.  His tail is rediculous, but he’s my leg cuddle buddy.  Meaning that he only cuddles with my right leg, won’t get on my lap, and hates being picked up.  Other than that, he enjoys screaming at me through the door at 8:45 every morning right when he hears my alarm go off.  He’s a selfish little brat and I love him to death. This his brother, Miles, in one of the few times that he’s cuddled up next to me, but I bet you can guess which side of my laptop the heat exhaust is on?  He’s...

I’m done with my fitbit 0

I’m done with my fitbit

I’m tired of wearing it, and the wrist strap has broken yet again. I’m getting of this particular treadmill, maybe getting on a real one?


May 16th 2021 Blog

Every year at this point in time, the sun finds a way through my blinds to shoot me right in the damn eye right around 5pm. I bought a needle doodad for the record player that I bought from goodwill.  so far: record player was $13, cables were $10, needle was $25, connectors were $6 and I only own like 7 or 8 records, all of them Star Trek stories.  a few of them are the smaller ones that require an insert to play properly, which I don’t have yet. Foster cats, mother on second level, her name is “Fluffy”....

I got the shot! 0

I got the shot!

I was given a dose of the Pfizer shot today, I’ll be following up with the second one in just a few short weeks, right around the time that I’m doing Jury Duty


February 28, 2021 Blog

My 9 year old media center is nine years old.  I remember when I bought it, it wasn’t exactly top of the line, but it was a damn good computer, but it’s starting to be a little twitchy, so I might think about upgrading it to a laptop that’s only 5 years old. (ha!) There’s a new cat in our house, temporarily, she’s fluffy and very very pregnant, originally one of our stray cats that we were feeding (why?) that will now be a guest of our kitchen until she has her kittens and we can get everyone fixed and...

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