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May 16th 2021 Blog

Every year at this point in time, the sun finds a way through my blinds to shoot me right in the damn eye right around 5pm. I bought a needle doodad for the record player that I bought from goodwill.  so far: record player was $13, cables were $10, needle was $25, connectors were $6 and I only own like 7 or 8 records, all of them Star Trek stories.  a few of them are the smaller ones that require an insert to play properly, which I don’t have yet. Foster cats, mother on second level, her name is “Fluffy”....

I got the shot! 0

I got the shot!

I was given a dose of the Pfizer shot today, I’ll be following up with the second one in just a few short weeks, right around the time that I’m doing Jury Duty


February 28, 2021 Blog

My 9 year old media center is nine years old.  I remember when I bought it, it wasn’t exactly top of the line, but it was a damn good computer, but it’s starting to be a little twitchy, so I might think about upgrading it to a laptop that’s only 5 years old. (ha!) There’s a new cat in our house, temporarily, she’s fluffy and very very pregnant, originally one of our stray cats that we were feeding (why?) that will now be a guest of our kitchen until she has her kittens and we can get everyone fixed and...

2020 TGIOKDI Year In Review 0

2020 TGIOKDI Year In Review

Was 2020 any better than 2019?  In many ways no, a global pandemic has killed nearly 2,000,000 people worldwide, and our own elected officials have shown that they’re pretty much helpless and hopeless when faced with these big issues.  On that front, the federal election happened and Trump is going to be sent scampering back to his dog house, but here in Florida the republicans have held onto power, all while the republican governor shows again and again that he’s uncomfortable with dealing with the problems and continues night and day to do the wrong things nearly every time he’s...


December 20th, 2020 Blog

I got a light for christmas!  It’s bendable, so anyone in the bed can use it, or it can be used to highlight my beautiful artwork. After six years of dedicated service, our cat genie has given up the ghost. We’re trying to decide if we want to spent another $400 on the new AI version, which I would hope to god had new internals and mechanics, the 120 Model was always twitchy about working 100% for longer than a month. It’s been rainy and cold for the last few days, but when the sun DOES come out, this is...

Trump has been saying 0

Trump has been saying

This is from a reddit comment, but I liked it so much I wanted to show it to you here: Trump has been saying the pandemic has been totally under control since January, and said it would just “go away” in February. He reiterated this in March as the virus surged, and insisted we had “perfect” tests that anyone could get after reports of faulty tests. He said he wanted pandemic-related shutdowns to end by Easter so churches could be “packed” while claiming Hydroxychloroquine would be a miracle cure for COVID-19. In April he continued to promote Hydroxychloroquine without evidence and suggested we could inject disinfectants or use UVC light inside the...


December 6th, 2020 Blog

our foster failure continues to improve on her cuteness game. the city came out and trimmed the trees, but didn’t call me before they did this beforehand, even though their manager promised they would. is dangerously close to being added to the blacklist due to this colossal error that wasted several people’s time. COLOSSAL. ERROR. We bought our first christmas tree ever.  it’s fiber optic and looks really cool, it automatically cycles between two soothing and appropriate patterns, and two patterns that are spastic and completely not appropriate for the the holiday at all.  I can’t really complain too...


November 29th, 2020 Blog

We’re feeding two cats that have moved into our backyard. We’re pretty sure that they have no humans, the orange one was straight up yelling at us the other day acting like it was scared out of it’s brain but desperately wanted someone to talk to, so we’re trying to get them to believe that we’re friendly enough to be suckered into a cat trap to scan them. Meanwhile, inside the house:

I got a fitbit charge 4 1

I got a fitbit charge 4

So far, it’s perfectly meh. Naturally, I do have some complaints: It only uses spotify, no other media controls, which feels arbitrary and offensive.  I’m not signing up for yet another music service when I have nearly 2,000 mp3s that I legally own The weather applet is completely broken.  I already have weather on my phone, so this doesn’t really matter, but if you advertise the function, might as well be able to use it, right? Alarms are configured on device now and not on your phone, which is a change for the worse considering what hoops you have to...

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