Data, cats, comics, toilets, and fizzy waters

I got this from Goodwill, it’s a four VHS set of Star Trek TNG episodes that feature Data.  On the cover there’s a spinner with various scenes and trivia about Mr Android.

Miles having a nap.  he’s a very good napper.

I got a new ornament for my aquarium

Since I’m not drinking alcohol at the moment, I still have an inclination to buy and consume unique beverages and Aldi is helping me out with all these goofy ciders and other assorted fizzy drinks. I’ve only had the lemonade one so far and it was delicious if much smaller than I was expected for a bottle of that size.

I got a cgc 8.5 of the first appearance of “Echo” from a comic show that I went to last weekend.  It was a very good show to me, I picked up a ton of Trek comics as well!

Odo posing for the camera, he’s a very good poser.

I replaced wtf ever this thing is called in a toilet and I felt damn accomplished for about an hour or two!

Here’s all those Trek comics I mentioned, there’s about 60 of them, nearly full runs on all these series, all for just $1 each!  I picked up a random box of variants too, but I’m not going to show you those for reasons.

Here’s some more random fizzy stuff from Aldi, these are good, but very sweet, and exceptionally full of ginger.   Shockingly so.

Another goodwill purchase, I got all these for just $15 and on top of that I haven’t read a single one of these yet.

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