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I had to put down one of my cats today, RIP Fat Cat

I adopted her and her sister about 12 years ago, she’s always been a sweet cat with an enormous purr ability. At her most vibrant, she was a big solid cat, weighing around 30 pounds, but about a year ago she started to slowly lose weight, then about 4 months ago she started to lose about 5 pounds a month, then finally just stopped eating a couple days ago. This wasn’t a sudden thing, so I was prepared for it more than I was for previous pets, but it’s still never a fun day.



A cat named Cybele, named after a fertility goddess in Greek and Roman mythology, she personified Mother Earth and was worshiped as the Great Mother of the Gods.  I didn’t name her myself, she’s a foster cat that has a great story and came with the name. My wife has suggested a few times that she wanted to care for a pregnant cat, to experience the joys of a pregnant cat and to have kitten around for a while.  The best way to do this, and most humane, was to join up with a local animal rescue group ECAH, a great...

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