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JJ and Syrah on a huge stack of blankets we have in the corner of the couch, they’re both very happy to be up that high.

NYE spread that I made for me and my wife, I ate too many gherkins.

Charlotte and JJ.  It seems that JJ has been able to force a nap on everyone she gets too close to!

We got a cat nip growing set and it came with this 1 inch thick by 4 inch round disk that when you add water to it turns into a large bucket of soil like cocopeat to grow the cat nip in.  It’s all set up and under my office grow lights now, I’m sure I’ll offer updates down the road on this particular plant.

Back in the day when I would travel I would take maybe one large bag.  Now I can’t even go over night without packing the minimum of 4 bags, with laptop, breathing machine, pillows, and electronics.  Getting old sucks.

I’m reading a book and one of the authors seems to have coined the term “felis interius” to refer to cats that live their entire lives inside our homes and never go outside.  It was an interesting read and I’ll have a review out one day.

Someone on facebook showed these on a facebook group, so I promptly went out and spent $10 on one from ebay.  It’s cool, but I may have overpaid, lol.

Miles and Odo.  Miles has been over grooming to a worrying degree lately, but the vet says that it appears to be psychosomatic and he’s likely just being over stressed from things in his daily life.  It started right after we adopted out one of our last adult foster cats, which prompted me to consolidate our kitty litter bins down from 3 to 2, so after some research I’ve added a couple more litter bins to the house and we’ll be keeping a close eye to him.

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