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Payless Towing in Tallahassee 0

Payless Towing in Tallahassee

These assholes nearly rammed me off the road, passed in a no pass zone, then tailgated the next car up that was ahead of me, all so they could get stopped at the same damn light that we were all going to be stopped at. They’re obviously a shithole company, so they’re going on my blacklist.

Beach Boys 0

Beach Boys

Not Brian Wilson, he’s as outraged as I am about the situation, but apparently the “touring” version of the group are big supporters of Donald Trump and are throwing him a fund raiser.   To the black list!

Google Maps 0

Google Maps

This article by Brian Feldman is over two years old at this point, and they still have this absolutely unacceptable problem with their mapping system.  To summarize: if you’re on a trip and google finds a better route, it automatically changes your route to that new one with little or no warning.  If you’re in your hometown and you know the areas, fine, but if you’re on an eight hour trip across three different states that you haven’t been to in over 20 years, that’s a huge problem. In my case, it took me from an eastern route that I...


My First Black List Entry: “Dickies”

I’ve been considering building a blacklist of my own personal experiences, in this case it’s a company that’s refusing to honor prices that set on their website, then refusing to call me back, then decided to accuse me of fraudulent activity on their website, which is bullshit. Dickies will no longer get my business.

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