TallyTrees – Scumbag Company

One of my neighbors had a huge pine tree removed from their property, a company that had “TallyTrees” all over their trucks was doing the job, and from my vantage point I was pretty impressed by how well they were doing with the crane truck, moving the pieces from the back yard, then cleaning everything up afterwards.  Bonus, it only took them about 2 hours to do the entire job!  It wasn’t until about 2 hours later when I was taking the trash out that I noticed that they had dumped the entirety of the project into my side yard, resting about 2,000 pounds of pine tree up against my trees that were at least six feet back from the road..

here’s a picture to illustrate the illegal dumping they did:

The kicker of all this is that I have a couple trees of my own that I’m sorta iffy about and have been considering doing some research into who I could hire to remove them, and when I saw how well the TallyTrees team was doing, I wrote down their name and phone number.  Of course by the time I saw the six foot tall pile of tree trash in my yard, they were long gone, but I had their number!

I gave them a call, but they don’t have an actual office, they just have a 3rd party answering service, so I spoke to Alex who said their loader trucks were running behind, which is a shame to hear, but why is this stuff in my yard and not my neighbors?  She said she would pass on my request to have it removed, but 4 hours later it was still there, so I gave her another call and told her they had an hour or I’d be calling the police to have the situation handled through them.  She said she didn’t like being threatened, I replied that I didn’t feel it was a threat and that the police would be able to responsibly handle the situation because it was obvious that we didn’t seen eye to eye on the legality of what they did.  The call ended with her saying that she’d pass along the issue to someone in charge at the company.  About 20 minutes later I got a call from a guy named “Robbie” who told me again that their loaders were running behind and sometimes that just happens, to which I said that someone at the company had their head up their ass when they made the decision to dump the trash into my yard instead of either collecting it or keeping it in the neighbors yard. he told me that “wasn’t necessary”.

Needless to say, the call didn’t end well, with me telling him that it wasn’t necessary to involve me at all and he knew what the deadline was.  I then went over to the local brewery to have some beers, and by the time I came home about 2 hours later the stuff was still there, but at that point I had given up on expecting them to do the right thing, and figured that if it was still there by morning I’d give the cops a call and see what they could do for me.

I’ll say this for Robbie though, he was able to get his team out to the neighborhood and pick up all that debris before 8am without waking me up, so good for them.  Shame they’re making these shit decisions that force them to do that though.

As a PS to all this, while I was somewhat angry about the situation, I figured I’d give the Division of Corporations a look to see who the owner of TallyTrees was.  Turns out that TallyTrees isn’t even the name of the company, the real name is likely “American Standard Tree Services“, which I found from one of the blog posts on the TallyTrees website.  They seem to be a completely legitimate company that isn’t shady at all.  No company website, no company offices, and absolutely no footprint at all on the internet, other than the sites that scrape the LLC website.

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