Woooooo! Becoming Ric Flair

Woooooo! Becoming Ric Flair: Directed by Ben Houser. With Ric Flair, Tom Rinaldi. “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, the most prolific and controversial Superstar in professional wrestling history, discusses his 50-year Hall of Fame career.

I never did watch a ton of wrestling during Ric Flair’s time at the top, but it would be hard to say that I never heard of the dude, he was at the center of a LOT of interesting stuff going on in the industry. This is a great, if self serving, documentary about his blessed but troubled life. It barely touches on his less than admirable qualities, with the womanizing, drinking, cheating, fraud, or bad parenting being mentioned but in a “whew, glad that’s over with” type of style.

It was entertaining none the less though.

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