The G Word with Adam Conover

The G Word with Adam Conover: Created by Jon Cohen, Adam Conover, Jon Wolf. With Nicole Randall Johnson, James Austin Johnson, Sierra Katow, Carol Herman. Follows Conover introducing the civil servants who make it work and take a satirical look at its shortcomings.

You may remember Adam Conover from “Adam Ruins Everything” a series that I believe started on College Humor and graduated to TBS, running from 2015 to 2019. It was basically Penn and Teller’s “Bullshit” but with much more hand holding research and documented sources, explaining the ins and outs about everything from office rights to circumcision. “The G Word” feels like an appropriate sequel of sorts, with 6 episodes dedicated to the broad subject of “The Government”, then focusing in on what makes it work vs what causes the abrupt failures it seems to just randomly have every time a Republican is in office. There’s much more cursing in this series, so it’s never going to be a good fit for highschools, which I find disappointing because other than the explicit language this is a damn right informative series that anyone that has doubts about the federal government should check out.

His prescription for solving the issues we currently have feels a bit too Obama-esque with suggestions to run locally and change your locals laws. I’m not entirely sure that would be something that’s going to result in real substantive change that we need, but what’s the alternative? Guillotines and riots in the streets?

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