Disaster on the Coastliner

Disaster on the Coastliner: Directed by Richard C. Sarafian. With Lloyd Bridges, Raymond Burr, Robert Fuller, Pat Hingle. A vengeful employee of a computer-controlled railway arranges a head-on collision of passenger trains. Can it be stopped?

One of those films that you know is going to be bad, but ends up being pretty ok, along with guest stars that you had no idea were going to be there, but ended up being there and not being bad?

I have no clue what attracted me to this movie, but there it is, it’s a computer-phobic tale about a train that couldn’t possibly be stopped because some madman took over the control computers at headquarters, and it’s up to William Shatner and friends to save the day. Oh, you’re surprised he’s in it? I was too, because the guy’s name wasn’t on the poster, nor in the main list on IMDB. He does a suitable job as a guy on the run from the cops on a completely unrelated crime spree, just looking to do right by himself and the hot lady that he’s hitting on while on the train. There’s plenty of vamping and campy dialogue and their anti-computer stuff is a little too on the nose, but at the end of the day, this is pretty enjoyable.

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