cookies, sunsets, cats, college, and beers, name a more iconic combination

Someone got some girlscout cookies!!!  These were the best of the couple boxes we bought

We had to go out for some cat food for baby cat, turns out she has a hyperthyroid situation and now we have to push a pill down her throat and give her some super high calorie food so she’ll put some weight back on. After we bought the cat food we went to a Japanese restaurant and had dinner inside the building for only the second time in over 2 years.  it was a good dinner, and this was the sunset we saw on the way in.

Odo’s designated snuggle spot, right next to my legs.

Someone’s going back to college.  Or are they?  (they are, maybe)

More food for the old cat named “baby”.

A selection of fine stickers, I just added one.

I’m about to get rid of this keg shell that I’ve had in my garage for the last two years.  It’s going to one of the above pictured breweries, where it will hopefully be filled with many quality beers.

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