The Villain

The Villain: Directed by Hal Needham. With Kirk Douglas, Ann-Margret, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul Lynde. Facing hanging, a bank robber makes a deal with the corrupt banker to avoid execution in exchange for a dirty assignment.

It’s a stupid story with increasingly ridiculous and contrived plot points, but if you knew that it was a parody / love letter to the WB cartoons from the 1930 like I did, I bet you’d enjoy it much more than if you didn’t. The obvious name here to look for is Arnold’s, it’s only his 7th role and he’s obviously still getting his acting skills in line, and I would imagine his role selections were still somewhat limited, I think this is the only time he ever played a cowboy in a movie.

As enjoyable as it is, all of the Native American roles are played by white guys that lean in to obvious stereotypes to the extreme. To balance this out, I chose to focus my attention on the always captivating Ann-Margret. Is the movie suggestable? Nope, not even a little bit. Is it good? No to that question as well. Did I enjoy it? yes, but I felt guilty about it.

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