Old Dogs

Old Dogs: Directed by Walt Becker. With John Travolta, Robin Williams, Kelly Preston, Conner Rayburn. Two friends and business partners find their lives turned upside down when strange circumstances lead them to be the temporary guardians of seven year-old twins.

Made in 2009, it’s a free spirited movie made right after Travolta’s kid died, and released right after Bernie Mac died from sarcoidosis complications; they both get appropriate dedications in the final credits. An interesting point of fact: they had to shave Robin’s chest for a few scenes of this movie, and considering I know how hairy that guy is, I can only imagine how harry that clipper room was after they were done! The basic story is that a guy (robin’s character) is starting to miss an old flame, she shows up with kids, he rolls with it, and everyone gets a seemingly factory made family movie with too many “gay dad” jokes, too many pop songs, and a resolution that’s just too sappy to even hold in my memory for longer than it took to write this review.

All that being said, on a budget of just $30m, it made $96 theatrically and another $35m on the home market.

It’s not really a recommendable movie, but if you’re either a Travolta or Williams fan, it’s not a bad distraction.

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