Heading for Heaven

Heading for Heaven: Directed by Lewis D. Collins. With Stuart Erwin, Glenda Farrell, Russ Vincent, Irene Ryan. Stuart Erwin plays a small-town real estate agent who owns much property which, for several generations, has failed to sell even while the town has grown. It becomes known, except to Erwin, that the property is being considered for the new airport and the owner will make a small fortune. He is swarmed upon by an unscrupulous swami (Russ Vincent)and his equally-crooked business partner, and Erwin is soon convinced that he hasn’t long to live. With his life a mess, he leaves home and family.

Released in 1947, this was released after a 3 year hiatus for Glenda Farrell, and while this is a good movie for her, I wish she had a stronger role in the film, maybe even the lead. nothing against Stuart Erwin, but Glenda’s a much stronger actor at this point. The film itself is a fun con-man story of real estate and mistaken suicides, all wrapped in some conversations from beyond the veil of life itself. The movie is based on a play (“For the Sake of the Family”).

The transfer of this film to dvd however is absolute garbage, with jumpy frame gates, blown out video, blown out audio, missing frames, dirty frames, and visible encoding lines at bottom of the screen, which are likely from a VHS copy of the film that Alpha Video used to burn to a DVD. The movie really deserves a better transfer, but I think this is the best we’re going to get.

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