Cats and Moving Day!

Majestic Odo standing guard over the food bowls.

Majestic Betelgeuse, he was adopted yesterday and is happy in his new home!

Rigel and BG.  Rigel was adopted last week!

The letter “c” came off my Steelseries keyboard and it took me about 4 days to figure out that a small metal flange was slightly bent and needed adjustment to get it back on correctly.

I was at a place for a thing and they were advertising the prices for their sorta shared office spaces.  These prices are absolutely insane when the alternative is $0.00 to just work from home.

I ‘won’ this at an auction that my mom was running back in the early 2000’s, it’s been in my closet since I moved into this house, and I somewhat forgot it was back there.  This past weekend I decided that I wanted to reorganized all my comic book boxes and Star Trek books, so this was part of the re-org.  it’s still cool and now I get to see it every time I go out to my garage.

I have a box of harry potter hardcovers that I’ve never read.  I think I’ll end up passing them down to a family member before I actually get to them.

Back when I worked the front office at a previous job our mail would have a rubber band on it every day, this is the result of that.  I had two of these about this size when I was fired because it was a Tuesday.  I threw away both of them after taking this photo.

A stack of comic books with several stacks of Star Trek books on top.  I had the incredibly genius idea to move the boxes behind a book case so they’re still there, but out of sight.  Then, on top of the comics are more Trek books, then on top of those is a giant shelf with boxed DVDs.  I actually have plenty of room for even more comics, but that’s a dark path to go down.  From here on out I’m going to try to go for quality over quantity, and just get books that are either Trek, Rocketeer, or super good for my soul, like Super-Pro.

Miles helped to exhibit what the boxes looked like when half stacked.  You see him here contemplating if he can jump up on the fish tank.

Odo and BG having a nice snug.

Odo with his feet up in the air, just like he don’t care.

This is a Rocketeer statue that’s sorta see through with some pixie lights in the base and when they light up it looks cool

We ate some meatballs with this sauce mix, which I had to photograph to zoom in on the tiny tiny tiny words on it.  Am I officially old because of this?

I bought this, then found out I already had it when I got home and now I feel like I wasted $4.  Also, the DVD set behind the book is a bookleg and it’s horrible.

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