A ton of things, it’s been too long, so here’s a non-descriptive title!

This was good, but super sweet.  I was hoping for more sour, but it was good for what I needed at the time.

I added yet another screen to my office setup, this one is to more better monitor twitch chatter when I’m doing the twitch thing.  I can also just take it down and use it to read comic books.

Odo testing out the new setup.  He doesn’t care about the screen.

I dropped a tool on my foot and my god it stung.  I then proceeded to do a ton of yard work with no pain whatsoever, but then. . .

when I took my shoe off, I had so much pain it was incredible, I couldn’t put any weight on it at all.  Went to urgent care and got 3 x-rays of my foot and was told that there’s no break, but I should stay off it for a couple days.  24 hours later I felt no pain at all, weirdest thing ever.

The power of the sun HIDDEN from my EYES.  my new black out goggles for use while I’m using my CPAP machine.  They’re different and it took me a week to get used to them, but now that I’ve settled into them they’re working out great.  Not sure if they’re all so much better than my normal sleep masks though and maybe one day I won’t need the CPAP?


I used to have Mondays off, but my corporate overlords have decided that was impossible to support, so now I’m back to working 5 days a week.  This is the opposite of progress and my twitch career is tanking now 🙁

Miles has chicken legs at 7:20pm.

Miles and Charlotte in their reclined glory.

Miles is staring.


The 240 twitch aquarium now has a night light, it looks pretty cool.

if you notice in that last picture, I have a monitor hanging up over the fish tank with the time, temperature and calendar on it.  Well, it used to be a full “All in one” computer that was hanging off the wall and I was using that to run the twitch feed for the fish tank, but it couldn’t do it very well, so now it’s just a (larger) monitor hooked up to a laptop under the tank.  It works so much better now.

Star Trek comic books!

Tofu, rice, and mixed veggies, this was a delicious meal and I loved every moment of it.

I was wondering why I was enjoying some cauliflower dip so much, turns out the first ingredient is cheese!  I think I’m going to keep eating it, but I’m gonna have to eat much less than I have in the past.

I’m growing tomatoes!

I’m growing green peppers!

Regula 1 from Star Trek 2.  A bit of movie trivia, this same model was used as a space station in the first Star Trek film, but it was flipped upside down!

This is the version of the Enterprise from the pilot episode named “The Cage”.  There’s not a whole lot of difference between this version and the one used in the series, but there’s enough that spaceship nerds like me enjoy having them both on a shelve together.

This is the USS Titan from the Lower Decks series, but I think I may already have this specific model, just packaged differently and not damaged during shipping.

$50 for a fantastic book collection, Miles helped me sort through them, turns out that nearly all of them are new to my collection in some way or another.

Collectors edition of a game I own digitally, it’ll sure look nice on a shelf.

I bought a matching hoodie and sweat pants set from a school that I’m going to.  what a nerd, right?

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