All Cats, one clock

2022 05 01 19.08.38 300x169 All Cats, one clock
This is the old lady.  she’s doing pretty well for her age, but still needs to eat more than she’s eating.

2022 04 30 00.19.32 169x300 All Cats, one clock
Mama Nyx trying to use her eye balls to make me just adopt her forever. Not going to work Mamanyx!  you’re going to be easy to adopt out because of how awesome you are!


2022 04 30 15.38.25 169x300 All Cats, one clock
My boy Odo putting his best food forward.  He’s a foster fail, which isn’t going to happen with the other cats, I swear to god.

2022 05 01 14.21.07 169x300 All Cats, one clock
This guy isn’t my cat, we named him “Richard” because of the phalic white patch he has, but I think he got in a fight with someone a week or so ago, and now he’s got an infected thing on his face by he eye.  I feed him a couple times a day, but again, he’s not my cat, but I still feel bad for the poor guy.  Maybe I can get him captured, then fixed, and maybe have his face looked at.

2022 05 01 14.22.47 300x169 All Cats, one clock
Mama Nyx with her babies, looking as overloaded as a mama can look.

2022 05 01 18.51.15 300x169 All Cats, one clock
This is the new clock in my home office, I had to throw away my previous one because it had the old version of Daylight Savings Time on it, so it would change the hour at the wrong time, then I’d fix it, then it would change it again.  It was literally the worst clock in the house, which is a shame that Republican politics got in the way of technology, but such is life.

2022 05 01 19.08.20 300x169 All Cats, one clock
Charlotte and Miles canoodling. They do this a lot.

2022 04 28 19.37.53 300x169 All Cats, one clock
The weight chart for the kittens.  We were worried about “socks” for a couple days because he didn’t seem to be gaining weight, but then he did and we didn’t worry any more.

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