The Last Shift

The Last Shift: Directed by Andrew Cohn. With Richard Jenkins, Shane Paul McGhie, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Ed O’Neill. Stanley’s last shift at his fast food job takes an unexpected turn when he befriends a young African-American work employee.

I was hoping for more than what we got, but I’ll have to admit the final product is well done. I had built this movie into something it wasn’t in my head, as it’s been on my watch list since I ran into a trailer back in early 2021, and finally found it on a random streaming site. I had the impression this was going to be about a hard working guy that hands off the responsibilities of his job to a younger man of a different race, and while the film IS about that, it’s not handled in the way that I thought it would be, with the older retiring guy being as much of a victim of society and the world around him as the younger new employee.

It’s sad though, especially if you’ve ever been caught up in the bullshit that happens when you make a couple small personal mistakes, they snowball into something larger, and you never get forgiveness or closure on them.

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