Softball, cats, comics, beer and a G-litter sign

Went to our first college softball game in about 3 years, it was fantastic to get back out there.

There was a massive bird of prey freeloading and watching the game without a ticket.  Don’t worry though, he was bounced by some smaller birds that didn’t like him that close to their tree.

Why am I buying Star Trek audio books on tape? Because they’re like $2 each now days, and in mint condition!  I doubt I’m ever going to listen to them in this form, but they look fantastic on my shelf, and I can mark them as “owned” over on the Star Trek Book Club

Our foster cat and her surviving four kittens.  She had birthed six total, but unfortunately two of them didn’t make it past a week, and it’s been a heart wrenching, emotional week for me trying to save those two guys, but failing.

There was a smaller comic show that I went to and I picked this up.  There’s two stories in the book, the first one is the one featured on the cover, the second one is the much better story and is based on “Deep Space Diner”.

Went to a local beer place to pick up some beer for an event.  I ended up buying “Image Rendering”, “Strawberry Marg Slushhhh”, “Dadgarnet” , “Fixed Income”, and “Lengthening Coastlines”, but didn’t actually like any of them.  The people that were at the event liked about half of them though, so that was a win in my book.

A sign at a local garden, apparently the idiots doing gender reveal parties were littering way too often and needed to be told to not litter at a state park.

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