2023 Year in Review

I did this same thing a year ago, but here we are a full month after I intended to post this review from the prior year.  I enjoy doing this but there’s a heavy emotional load to doing them, so I put it off and this year particularly was difficult to get in the right headspace to make a post about the prior year. Why was that? Let’s take a look!

In February of 2023 I had a stupid health scare that incentivized me to loose weight and get on track with doing some fitness stuff that I’ve always sorta intended to do, but never had the motivation.  Turns out being told that your entire metabolism was all janked up because of your weight and drinking is a heck of an incentive.  I’ve since lost about 60 pounds and am about to start another cycle of weight loss, so I look forward to being under 250 by the end of the Summer, which is an ambitious goal with me being 280 right now.  That’s down from 330!

In March we went to a comic convention in Jacksonville and it was fun but had limited retail opportunities for comic book purchases.  I did find one booth that sold me a pile of Trek magazines for $2 each, so I considered it a win!  After the show we traveled around the local area and found a half dozen local comic shops and was able to buy a fair bit of stuff from them.

In May I almost broke my foot and ended up in the urgent care.  Mind you I was walking on the foot for a couple hours without much pain and it was only after I removed my shoes that I had any issues, but that’s apparently pretty common from what I was told by a doctor.   Then just a few weeks later we went out to the Leon Sinks for the first time and had a lovely hike, so it wasn’t much of a lingering issues, but it’s a situation that I remember vividly because of how weird it was.

I hit 270 pounds in June down from 330. I’ve since gained back about 10 pounds, but as I said above, going to endeavor to power through the next 30 pounds of loss.

In September, I planned for, then had a great birthday.

My wife and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary in October, which was a fantastic day, but I ended up with a horrible allergic reaction to something, who knows what, but while having that nasty skin rash we decided to get a new couch, something we’ve needed / wanted for several years, as our previous one had given up it’s ability to property seat us.

Then, Christmas this year I decorated the house for the first time in years. It turned out pretty ok I think.


Somehow during all that I managed to earn a degree from Daytona State College, get my PMP 2 days before Christmas, the launch another LLC with ComicCovers.com  I know it’s not part of 2023, but the specter of being jobless was ever present through 2023, as they informed us of the change in WFH back in July with a deadline of January 19th, which has since come and now I have some extra time to sit around and be a bump on a log.  I’m trying to stay busy and maintain a schedule, but boy howdy is it difficult being self motivated with the internet and video games sitting right there being all enticing and dramatic.


By the end of the year I have goals:

  • be under 250 pounds
  • have a job that uses my PMP
  • maybe a new house?
  • be able to run a mile at 5mph


2023 media by the numbers:

19 books read

9 games played

238 movies watched

40 tv shows consumed

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