LEGO vs Cats, Goldie, Vinyl, and a Foot Fetish

One of my cats, Miles, not the one that’s in the picture, got on top of my fish tank and knocked off a LEGO AT-ST that I had up there.  Luckily all the pieces were sitting right there and I could put them back together, but the tragedy of this is that now Miles knows he can get up there, so I need to figure out how to cat proof the top of a fish tank that’s  feet off the ground.

This isn’t my cat, but a year or so ago, we got super friendly with her and were feeding her and giving her love nearly every day. She came and went as outside cats do, and the last time I saw her was on April 10th, a few weeks went by and I assumed that she had either moved on or became another part of the circle of life, but then today she showed up and started screaming at me, just like the first time we ever saw her. I wonder what she’s been up to.  She didn’t get a chance to get pets today, was way too on alert, maybe tomorrow?

I bought this record at Goodwill for $2 and it’s everything I hoped it would be.

Odo loves my right foot.

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