10 year anniversary and thrift stories!

A cute cat picture that I was pondering a purchase of. I did not pull the trigger on this one.

We made a hand thing for our anniversary, my wife got it for us last year and it took us this long to remember to do it.  It was an interesting experience!

We also had a couple massage, which was fantastic, but it turns out that I’m somewhat allergic to some of the oils that they used, here’s my swollen arm looking pretty gross on the first day of my break out.  It got much worse but I’m not going to show you that because of how disgusting it was.

Our old couch, all the seat springs on it were broken 🙁

Our new couch, with two recliners and a pull out bed section, we hope this one will last much longer, we definitely paid less for this one than the old one.  We’ve also lost a combined weight of about 120 pounds, so this new one won’t have the same kind of punishing butt action the old one got.

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