Cats, Cats, Tomatoe Babies, A broken Eaglemoss Spaceship, Coconut Curry Bowls, and more caaaaats

Foster cat named Rigel, he’s a mirror image of his mother.

Foster cat named Betelgeuse.  Note that he’s cuddling with one of the foster fails from last year, the only thing they have in common is that they’re both grey, so it’s interesting that they’re getting along so well.

Nyx and Rigel, that midnight black fur gene is super strong.

Not my cat, but she’s friendly enough when I run into her outside.  I have named her Tabby.

I’m growing tomatoes!


Eaglemoss strikes again, one of my final ships and it arrived broken because they mailed it to me naked in a box that was 4 times too big for it.  I’ll bet you a dozen donuts that when the actual final ship shows up, it’ll be broken.

I’m going to try this one day, I just bought all the ingredients.

Another of Betelgeuse, he’s a cute little stinker.

Some random cat that found it’s way onto my couch.  Might be named Rigel, I forgot to ask him.

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