Collective Con 2023, weight loss, and a cat named after wine

We just got back from the 2023 Collective Con, which was a great adventure that didn’t offer me too much personally.  I was there for comic books, but there were only about 3 vendors that had any in their booth.  After we were done I was still hungry for books, so we went to Gotham City Limit, 2nd and Charles, Misfit Corner Comics, and finally Coliseum Comics.  Misfit Corner was the best of them all with a perfectly organized store, good looking products and a super friendly owner hanging out until the very last moment he could to help me find some Trek books, I really appreciated his time!

I forgot to take pictures of the other places, but here’s the one in the flea market, which turned out to be the best location.

This was a huge store with a large gaming area, but all their books were significantly more than I was expecting for 10 year old Trek books.  I got a few variants that I’ve been after for a while, but wasn’t able to pick up the whole stack that I wanted, it would have been a $400 day if I did!  I’m sure I’ll be able to get them for something like $1 each in the future from another location.

I’m now officially under 300 pounds again, last time I was this light was when I got married in 2013.  My plan is to keep losing to my BP naturally lowers too.

Syrah lookin adorable.

Bellabug helped me back for my trip, she was unhappy that I had to remove her from the bag, but that’s the sad situation, no cats allowed at the convention!

This is the train we took from the parking garage to the convention.  I completely forgot to take any pictures from the floor because I’m a dope.

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