My wife was away, so I ate some cake and pet a cat or two

I had a hankerin for some cake, so I bought myself some cake

My sister bought me this for my birthday!

It lights up!

Miles enjoys getting his chin skritches

Walmart has these pre-made pizza crusts that you take out of a bag and put your own toppings on.  I was somewhat pensive about how it would turn out, but I’ve discovered that cheese will hide all sins.

Bella was supposed to get surgery this last week to correct some internal issues she has, but the vet was too busy on the day I dropped her off, so instead all she got was a nice haircut on her belly and an ultrasound confirming that the surgery still needs to take place.

My sister also got me a cushion for my butt.  It’s very nice and my butt appreciates it!

I made some chicken.  The flavoring was fantastic, but these wings were slightly too fatty for my tastes.

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