I have recovered from Covid-19

I’m now breathing completely fine and I think I’m theoretically invincible for the next couple months.  My one struggle now is that I’m not sleeping as well as I was when I was taking half a bottle of Nyquil, Melatonin, and living through an admittedly light viral infection.  Last night it took me a couple hours to get to sleep and even when I did get to sleep it was a pretty light one.   I’m happy that I was vaccinated and twice boosted, then waited until it was omicron floating around to get infected, but I still think Ron DeSantis can get fucked for his decision to force my wife to work in an office again.  There was no reason for it then, and there’s still no reason for it, it’s just a waste of money, time, and effort. If I ever get the chance, I’m going to tell him to get bent in person.

Pictured today: Syrah and Odo, lookin’ beautiful.

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