I turned 43 a few days ago

Had a good birthday weekend filled with tons of fun activities:

Picked up a prescription
Mani/Pedi with the wife
Grocery store for fizzy drinks and cake
Comic shop to get boxes, but accidentally also selected and bought a Stan Lee Funko Pop
Movie at home

The LEGO Movie was back in theaters, so went with the wife to see it again
Dinner at Essence of India, one of the finest restaurants in town

My wife gave me a LEGO batmobile for my birthday, so I put that together while watching the Batman film that the car came from. I also had a Horizon: Zero Dawn set she gave me last christmas that was still in need of being put together, and while I was building I remembered that I also had two more batmobiles that I purchased a year ago and set aside for when I had time to build them, so this was the time! I think I put together four sets in total, all of which are cool as heck.

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