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Fish, cats, and softball

Mr Pleco got busy in his new home Just a few of the 700 cats in or around my house The elder cat in my house, paradoxically named “Baby Cat” I went to my first softball game since 2019!  I put sunscreen on everything except my right arm somehow and now I have a damn sunburn on my right arm. I moved a pleco into the tgiokdi twitter fish tank.  He’s been doing a lot of good. The youngest cat in the house at the moment, but only just by a few minutes.  He’s also the most handsome, and will...


Blinds, softball weddings, fish, and vaccuums

I hung up some blinds in my bed room, obviously I had to be supervised. I went to a wedding that took place at a softball field.  we waited about an hour, then the ceremony took about 4 minutes to complete, then we went to a reception at a place that I had no idea even existed. It was fun! This is the vacuum I own, it needs a new brush thing as well as a new locking mechanism to keep it upright.  The parts are only about $35 total, but we’re getting dangerously close to just replacing it. Goldy...


cookies, sunsets, cats, college, and beers, name a more iconic combination

Someone got some girlscout cookies!!!  These were the best of the couple boxes we bought We had to go out for some cat food for baby cat, turns out she has a hyperthyroid situation and now we have to push a pill down her throat and give her some super high calorie food so she’ll put some weight back on. After we bought the cat food we went to a Japanese restaurant and had dinner inside the building for only the second time in over 2 years.  it was a good dinner, and this was the sunset we saw on...


I had to put down one of my cats today, RIP Fat Cat

I adopted her and her sister about 12 years ago, she’s always been a sweet cat with an enormous purr ability. At her most vibrant, she was a big solid cat, weighing around 30 pounds, but about a year ago she started to slowly lose weight, then about 4 months ago she started to lose about 5 pounds a month, then finally just stopped eating a couple days ago. This wasn’t a sudden thing, so I was prepared for it more than I was for previous pets, but it’s still never a fun day.

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