Cats, LEGO, Delicious Snacks, and Chairs

I thought Bella was stuck behind the futon, but turns out that she’s still 90% fluid, so she just poured herself out when she got bored being back there.

Sleepy Miles

I’m moving this chair out of my office due to my butt hurting on it and Odo decided that he needed to be on top of it.  Turns out that it wasn’t the chair’s fault though, I was pushing myself a little too hard on the treadmill.

This is the last one of these that I’ll be eating for a while. They’re delicious but apparently all my numbers are wacked out and I need to cut sugar out from my diet, nearly completely.

This is the 7th Large format LEGO clock that I have in my collection.  I have no clue why I like them so much?

Mile using Bella as a head rest, it was adorable!

THIS NOT MY CAT.  But she started hanging around my house a couple years ago and now I’ve managed to convince her to hang out with me in my office for a few minutes every few days.

Syrah IS my cat and is happy to be here.

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