Pine needles, cats, football and voting

I needed to blow off my roof, so I bought a ladder and got up there and got it done.  It was surprising how physically taxing the entire thing was, and I even used an electric leaf blower!

Here’s what the roof looked like afterwards.  I really need to wash the sides of the house, but I think I missed my last warm opportunity to complete that task in 2022.

I voted!

Bella did not vote, but she’s a cat, so she’s not registered to vote yet.  Also, she’s not even one year old yet, still just a little baby!

Speaking of babies, in the center here is Jay Jay, I can’t remember if I mentioned her on the site yet, but she’s our latest foster.  the JJ stands for Janis Joplin.

I hate how true this is, but the vet had it up in the room that they inspected JayJay in and I thought it was funny.  Ha!

I went to a football game with a couple of my wife’s buddies.  And my wife!  Look at these seats, they’re amazing!

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