Cats x6, curry bowl, 2022 vote, baked eggs, college test results,

I baked some eggs, it went surprisingly well, just 350 degrees for 30ish minutes, then an ice bath for a couple minutes, and they were easily peeled.

Made this to go with some chicken over the weekend, it turned out pretty ok.

Cat 1/6: Charlotte

I voted in the 2022 primaries for the 2022 election!

Cat 2/6: Miles

Cat 3&4 / 6: Nyx add Bellatrix

Cat 5/6: Syrah

Cat 6/6: Odo, aka my leg cat

I took the Florida Civic Literacy Exam, which is now required for all students that enrolled after the 2021 Fall semester, which I was a part of.  Did I mention that I’m back in college? 4.0 GPA so far in the three classes, but those were all pre-requisites and now I’m going to be starting the actual major’s course work in just a couple weeks.  You can see that I didn’t have a firm grasp of “Landmark Impact on Law and Society” which is just 20 questions like “This landmark case was important because it did xyz” and then you’re supposed to remember that it was “Smith v Smith v Board of Driver’s Education of Who Cares”.

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