Alone Together: A DS9 Companion

Alone Together: A DS9 Companion: With Alexander Siddig, Andrew Robinson, Shana Collier, Cirroc Lofton. Set 25 years after the events of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Alone Together follows Dr. Julian Bashir as he goes to visit his old friend Elim Garak on Cardassia, and uncovers a dark secret in the process.

Released all the way back in July of 2020 during the absolute pit of despair that we found ourselves in after staying in our homes for several months after the covid-19 lock down began, I watched the first episode, put the others on my “watch next” list on youtube, then prompty put them off for the next 2 years. I finally got around to watching / listening to them though! They’re more of a audio adventure than something you need to actually watch the whole time, there’s absolutely no visuals other than the actor’s faces. It was great to see several of those faces!

The story itself is limited to com chatter only, with no one sharing the same physical space with each other, so it feels like a overly complicated zoom meeting with Trek ideals, but it moves quick enough and has a fun enough resolution that I can look past the obvious technical issues they were having with several participants a/v connections.

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