Cat food, LEGO, Big Batteries, An Opossum, and Cat Posers

Our three foster kittens have been eating this stuff, I’m a fan of the name.
Target had a $20 lego sale, so i bought a couple sets!

I now have a total of four batmobiles I think.  There was a ’89 one somewhere in my old work office, I’m not 100% sure it made it home with me, and if it did, where it is now.

Odo is a long cat.

This little guy is alive and just fine, he scared the carp out of me when I was cleaning my car.  When I first found him, he was wedged all down into the wheel well and all I saw was his fur sticking out by the door!

My 12 year old UPS battery finally failed, so I was given the opportunity to replace it.  Turns out it’s not just one battery in there, but two!

This picture of Miles cracks me up, look at his little belly!

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