Crowd Sourced Puzzles, Cats, x-rays of cats, a large ginger boy, and two crowd sourced t-shirts

paid for this back in March and it finally arrived it’s everything I wished for!  It’s a puzzle of The Rocketeer!

Bella went on yet another trip to the vet, she was not happy about the turn of events.

and x-ray of her insides, they’re not where they’re supposed to be and her ribs are all wonky.  Also, you can see her chip in this x-ray, which is kinda cool.

Miles remembers the days when he was a kitten and fit into this little pocket thing.

Two items from a indigogo campaign that I paid for back in March of 2021, the main item is a blu-ray copy of a “to the voyage” documentary about Star Trek Voyager, which I sure hope is coming soon, but now that I have the shirts I can wait a while more.  The coffee one is for my wife and the Space Tour one is for me.

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