My cats sit funny, and there’s a Farm store in town now!

This is the back side of a Farm store, for those of you that have never been, you’re not missing much, it’s just a drive up convenience store. I learned during this trip that they do not sell bud light here.

Apparently this is how my cat sits now.

Or he’ll sit like this.  He just had a one year birthday on St Pats, so he still has a young man’s spine.  Not be me though, my spine is utter shit.

I got a blister from when I raked my yard last week.  The gloves I had sucked, so I threw them in the trash, bought a new pair and they’re “better” but are a bit small for my meaty hands.  After raking, I put out about $100 worth of grass seed, as my yard has no grass.  It then rained a torrential downpour for the next 48 hours and I’m pretty sure all that seed is just in a ditch somewhere now.

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