Blog for 2022-03-13

I went to a hospital to do a thing for a second time, or maybe the sixth time depending on how you count things? Am I being vague? Yes I am!

This is the broken o-ring for a Marinelands Magnum 350 canister filter. I let the dang thing sit in my garage for too long and the exposed rubber parts all dry rotted and need to be replaced. I found a set of four of them for $10, but that’s about $9.90 more than they should be, so I’ve reached out to a local aquarium group here in town to see if anyone has a good source for them at a more appropriate price point.

This is my 15 year old cat named “Baby Cat”, she’s not a spring chicken anymore, but can still strike a regal pose when the moment requires it.

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed is the only mobile game that’s ever been able to hold my attention for more than a couple months, and I’ve been paying it for damn near 3 years, I think I’ve done the daily missions every day with only about 20 days missed in all that time. They’re being effected by the bullshit that Russia is pulling in UKR, which honestly is a low level thing to complain about, but it’s weird to find out just how integrated Ukraine is with the US’s tech sector

I went inside a restaurant for the first time since the pandemic began! It was a local Chinese buffet type place that had food like this at it, as well as sushi that I think was too warm, but I ate it anyways. This meal was about 24 hours ago, so I think I’m in the clear for food poisoning.

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