Blog for Sunday February 27th, 2022

I did a LEGO puzzle while drunk.  There’s a live stream of it out there somewhere and I stayed up until about 7am doing this thing.  I plan on taking it apart and giving it to some family members that have kids, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it.

Syrah sleeping next to my desk.

Mani / Pedi with the wife, I was very happy with the service itself, but this nail polish ended up being garbage and had to be removed just a couple days after application.

I flipped the two monitors on the right hand side there and reconfigured how the lights act and it only took me about an hour to move the two of them!  I also swapped out a couple of the hdmi cables for some “high shield” versions that will hopefully solve a feedback issue I’m getting at random times.  Just in time to be able to live stream the war between Ukraine and Russia.

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