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I hate that I now have a preference for how carpet cleaners work

I hate that I know how this one works, I hate how it works, I hate having to take it apart every 3 months to sand down some bullshit piece of metal that’s rusting away, I hate that they put a iron POS in there instead of plastic, and I hate that it’s driven not by belts or gears, but by the power of air itself.  You read that correctly, it’s not connected directly to the motor, nope, the brushes that are supposed to power clean the floor go from the floor to a gear that’s being pushed by a...


9/20/2020 Weekly Blog

I turned 40 last Thursday, I had a steak and potatoes meal, expertly cooked by my dear wife. It was followed by apple pie with ice cream. One of my cats continues to be sick and I’m not really sure what more I can do for her, she’s lost so much weight since we stopped leaving dog food down a year ago after my last dog died. I’m hoping she’ll take a better turn soon. I continue to be frustrated beyond belief by companies like Facebook and Google that provide services but no customer support at all. I’m dumping Facebook,...

Getting Gas & Beer 0

Getting Gas & Beer

Went to get my weekly poison at the local gas & chug and was facing the register, had a guy come up and tap me on the shoulder (yes, he touched me, in the time of covid), and said it was great to see another tall guy, then offered his hand to shake. I said “No Thank You” and paid for my beer, then went to my car and just sat there for a minute. What just happened?


9/13/2020 Weekly Blog

I’ve decided to do a weekly post, usually Sunday nights, normally late in the day after I’ve done my weekly chores and I’ve sat down for the night to watch a movie.  The animated version of Mulan is on right now via Disney+, and dinner is cooking in the kitchen, I believe tonight will be delicious lemon pepper chicken with some veggies. Why a weekly post? I’ve had a private blog of my own secrets for the last year and a part of that process has been a weekly reminder to do a blog post, which always made me think...

2020-07-15 Halo Stats 0

2020-07-15 Halo Stats

Announcers 3/3 helmet 212/237 armor 211/228 visor 63/63 emblem 179/297 stance 27/27 assassination 30/30 weapon skin 110/115 assault rifle 28/28 battle rifle 35/35 dmr 28/28 Halo 2 battle rifle 1/1 magnum 4/4 smg 27/27 armor mods 14/14 power weapon 99/99 vehicle 74/75 powerup 12/12 465-1291 = 826 Unlocks (2016-11-05) 607-1303 = 696 Unlocks (2016-12-09) 695-1358 = 663 Unlocks (2017-11-20) 825-1358 = 533 Unlocks (2018-01-17) 881-1358 = 477 Unlocks (2018-02-06) 911-1358 = 447 Unlocks (2018-04-23) 961-1348 = 387 Unlocks (2019-02-27) 988-1348 = 360 Unlocks (2019-03-15) 1,100-1,348 = 248 Unlocks (2020-05-06) 1,120-1,348 = 228 Unlocks (2020-05-19) 1,130-1,323 = 193 Unlocks (2020-06-09) 1,157-1,323...

A message I sent my sister about a dentist appointment I had today 0

A message I sent my sister about a dentist appointment I had today

ok, so first off they called me the day before and told me what to expect when I get there and they asked me all the standard questions of if I knew anyone with colds or corona, if I’ve traveled, loss sense of smell or taste, or had a temperature, all of which I said no to they asked what car i would be driving and that i should arrive about 10 minutes before my appointment and they would come out to me and that I should not go inside, they no longer have a waiting room so I got...

The Amazon Kindle app is stuck in the past 1

The Amazon Kindle app is stuck in the past

can’t Sort by purchase date can’t easily add a book to a collection from the library view can’t filter out comics from your book collection Anyone building a better ebook reader that can handle amazon format books will get my money.

I’ve been put in Facebook jail 0

I’ve been put in Facebook jail

I’ve been put in Facebook jail, so if you’re trying to contact me, you’ll need to do it through direct means like email or google chat. Turns out having my personal account posting stuff for my websites to facebook, then messing up the moderation of those said websites.  Easily fixed on my end, but what a nightmare.

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