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Fish, cat, FedEx, and Reddit sent me a gift

My fish is on twitch. A school I’m going to has implemented some really stupid security measures that mean that I have to use a TFA token every time the phone checks the mail. The fosters went in for their first round of shots, they all have hook worm, so now I’m giving them drugs for that. Other than the parasites, they’re doing great though! Sandra Dee in her role as “gidget”, a roll that Sally Field later played on tv. Not my cat, but one that I feed, so maybe she is my cat? I drank one of these and...


Cats, cats, more cats, cats helping with the lawn, cats on the floor, and InfinityCon 2024

I went to InfinityCon 2024 and this is the only photo I took.  No idea why I didn’t take more, perhaps I was too busy looking for Star Trek comics? Sometimes you stare into the void, something something, the void stares back. Odo can yawn real good. Miles lookin pretty in the sun I got a new weed eater, which I opened under Odo’s supervision.  It’s much more powerful than I was expecting it to be! Current foster status: cute. Foster Nyx status: adorable He’s got some legs on him, that’s for sure.


Snakes, A/C, cats, books, and a blown out eyeball

I did a thing for Reddit and they sent me $50 in snacks, which I promptly ate in about 2 days. I have one of these on my a/c and it’s going to cost something like $400 to replace.  Or, I can choose to abandon it in place.  Guess it’s going to be there a while. I did something to my eye.  I woke up with it like this a couple week ago.  It’s back to normal now, but yikes that was concerning to wake up to! Foster kittens being adorable. Syrah with a couple Trek books I found at...


Cat food, LEGO, Big Batteries, An Opossum, and Cat Posers

Our three foster kittens have been eating this stuff, I’m a fan of the name. Target had a $20 lego sale, so i bought a couple sets! I now have a total of four batmobiles I think.  There was a ’89 one somewhere in my old work office, I’m not 100% sure it made it home with me, and if it did, where it is now. Odo is a long cat. This little guy is alive and just fine, he scared the carp out of me when I was cleaning my car.  When I first found him, he was wedged...


LEGO vs Cats, Goldie, Vinyl, and a Foot Fetish

One of my cats, Miles, not the one that’s in the picture, got on top of my fish tank and knocked off a LEGO AT-ST that I had up there.  Luckily all the pieces were sitting right there and I could put them back together, but the tragedy of this is that now Miles knows he can get up there, so I need to figure out how to cat proof the top of a fish tank that’s  feet off the ground. This isn’t my cat, but a year or so ago, we got super friendly with her and were feeding...


All Cats, one clock

This is the old lady.  she’s doing pretty well for her age, but still needs to eat more than she’s eating. Mama Nyx trying to use her eye balls to make me just adopt her forever. Not going to work Mamanyx!  you’re going to be easy to adopt out because of how awesome you are!   My boy Odo putting his best food forward.  He’s a foster fail, which isn’t going to happen with the other cats, I swear to god. This guy isn’t my cat, we named him “Richard” because of the phalic white patch he has, but I think...


Softball, cats, comics, beer and a G-litter sign

Went to our first college softball game in about 3 years, it was fantastic to get back out there. There was a massive bird of prey freeloading and watching the game without a ticket.  Don’t worry though, he was bounced by some smaller birds that didn’t like him that close to their tree. Why am I buying Star Trek audio books on tape? Because they’re like $2 each now days, and in mint condition!  I doubt I’m ever going to listen to them in this form, but they look fantastic on my shelf, and I can mark them as “owned”...


A new foster cat: Nyx and her six kittens

We’ve received a new foster cat on saturday of last week (4/9) and she was super dooper pregnant, then become extremely ill the following day with an upper respiratory infection, struggling to breath, but then had six kittens on Wednesday (4/13).  I was there alone for half of the delivery and had to manually rupture the kitten sacks and clean off the babies, because she wasn’t able to even lift her head very much.  Five kittens were delivered in about 2 hours, then about an hour later a smaller sixth one was delivered.  it wasn’t until the 17th that mama...


We tried out Every Plate

  The food itself was fantastic, the packaging was the best that I’ve seen on any of these venture funded pipedream meal planning services, but at the end of the day, it’d be twice the price of just buying the stuff ourselves from a local market. Also, those portions are exceptionally disappointing, you can see in that one picture how much meat they sent us.  In theory that’s all the meat for two people for 4 meals but in reality it’s only about 2 meals worth of food.


cookies, sunsets, cats, college, and beers, name a more iconic combination

Someone got some girlscout cookies!!!  These were the best of the couple boxes we bought We had to go out for some cat food for baby cat, turns out she has a hyperthyroid situation and now we have to push a pill down her throat and give her some super high calorie food so she’ll put some weight back on. After we bought the cat food we went to a Japanese restaurant and had dinner inside the building for only the second time in over 2 years.  it was a good dinner, and this was the sunset we saw on...

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