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cookies, sunsets, cats, college, and beers, name a more iconic combination

Someone got some girlscout cookies!!!  These were the best of the couple boxes we bought We had to go out for some cat food for baby cat, turns out she has a hyperthyroid situation and now we have to push a pill down her throat and give her some super high calorie food so she’ll put some weight back on. After we bought the cat food we went to a Japanese restaurant and had dinner inside the building for only the second time in over 2 years.  it was a good dinner, and this was the sunset we saw on...


My cats sit funny, and there’s a Farm store in town now!

This is the back side of a Farm store, for those of you that have never been, you’re not missing much, it’s just a drive up convenience store. I learned during this trip that they do not sell bud light here. Apparently this is how my cat sits now. Or he’ll sit like this.  He just had a one year birthday on St Pats, so he still has a young man’s spine.  Not be me though, my spine is utter shit. I got a blister from when I raked my yard last week.  The gloves I had sucked, so I...


Blog for 2022-03-13

 I went to a hospital to do a thing for a second time, or maybe the sixth time depending on how you count things? Am I being vague? Yes I am! This is the broken o-ring for a Marinelands Magnum 350 canister filter. I let the dang thing sit in my garage for too long and the exposed rubber parts all dry rotted and need to be replaced. I found a set of four of them for $10, but that’s about $9.90 more than they should be, so I’ve reached out to a local aquarium group here in town...


Blog for Sunday February 27th, 2022

I did a LEGO puzzle while drunk.  There’s a live stream of it out there somewhere and I stayed up until about 7am doing this thing.  I plan on taking it apart and giving it to some family members that have kids, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it. Syrah sleeping next to my desk. Mani / Pedi with the wife, I was very happy with the service itself, but this nail polish ended up being garbage and had to be removed just a couple days after application. I flipped the two monitors on the right hand side there and reconfigured how...


I have recovered from Covid-19

I’m now breathing completely fine and I think I’m theoretically invincible for the next couple months.  My one struggle now is that I’m not sleeping as well as I was when I was taking half a bottle of Nyquil, Melatonin, and living through an admittedly light viral infection.  Last night it took me a couple hours to get to sleep and even when I did get to sleep it was a pretty light one.   I’m happy that I was vaccinated and twice boosted, then waited until it was omicron floating around to get infected, but I still think Ron DeSantis...

I’ve caught the virus 0

I’ve caught the virus

Despite years of caution, I’ve been infected with Covid-19.  no word on what version is is, but I’m on day 4 of the situation and I believe I’m on the upswing, but who knows with this stuff.  So far it’s been relatively rough but not as bad as my worst flu case, but I’m vaccinated plus boosted twice.


2021 TGIOKDI Year In Review

Looking back at my 2020 post, wow I seemed so absolutely optimistic about the future, though in my defense, I posted that only 7 days before the assault on the US Capitol that somehow only resulted in a single death, not one of the politicians that were targeted, thank god, but one of the insurrectionists that had broken through a window, made it to the secure area where the USVP was being secured, then broke through one of the interior security windows, was warned several times by an on duty police officer that had a gun on her, but she...


Home Depot Blinds

I ordered the 34.5 inch. They mailed me the 35 inch. Inside the 35 inch box was a set 33.75inch blinds.   They do not offer online returns, so now I need to find a home depot location near me and get a refund.

Anatomy of a Take over 0

Anatomy of a Take over

Gratuitously stolen from reddit:  As of Nov. 3rd the problem Trump had to solve is this: “How do I retain the presidency even though I lost the electoral college?” Let’s start by reverse engineering the problem… How do I retain the presidency even though I lost the electoral college? The only viable path to victory is to force a contingent election whereby congress decides who is the next president. (we’ve already done the math and you have the numbers to win.) How do I force a contingent election? At this point the only viable way is to make sure that...

I am now officially boosted 0

I am now officially boosted

I received my third covid shot today. I’m boosted. Then I came home and found that my refrigerator was broken and now I have to spend $200 on a control board.

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