Star Trek: The Original Series: Harm’s Way

HIDDEN AGENDASCaptain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise crew race to save a missing Federation scientist, only to become trapped between the Klingons’ infamous Captain Kang and Starfleet’s mysterious Operation: Vanguard.ANCIENT TERRORSIn eons long past, alien hegemons known as the Shedai ruled

A well written novel with all sorts of fun adventures for a very small subset of the crew, who are trying to find a missing scientist, only to find a god like creature has enslaved a planet’s worth of natives and is going crazy. I’m not too happy with some of the main thrusts of the book, primarily how many people the away team ends up killing (hundreds at least), nor was I particularly happy to be back in the midst of the Vanguard story. I think it’s time to put those god creatures to bed and move along, maybe with more Seekers style adventures?

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