USS Khai Tam Technical Orientation Manual

The USS Khai Tam Technical Orientation Manual is your complete guide to the galaxy’s first jointly designed Federation-Klingon starship.

True story this is the “home ship” of the local Star Trek fan club that I belong to, not that they make it easy to find them, they don’t actually mention my home town on their website or facebook group and don’t even mention that they’re a Trek fan group. The international association at the head of the entire organization uses a starship based naming scheme with every group having their own Home Ship, the USS Khai Tam being the name for this group. A few years ago (20? I need to ask) someone with design and editing chops decided to make their own technical manual for the ship and this is the final result. It’s a great book when compared to other fan group publications and I’d say it even holds its own when compared to the official technical manuals. I’m of the opinion that while the concept of the ship is great, the final execution is goofy looking and I think I would need to see it in some 3d space battles before I change my mind on that front.

Cool piece of fandom!

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