The Rocketeer OGN Reviews

Collecting the first outing of Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer and his girlfriend Betty. With an introduction by Harlan Ellison. Originally published in monthly comic format by Pacific Comics, 1982.

From the forward that Ellison gives, it is obvious that Harlan Ellison and Dave Stevens had a close relationship, he heaps a large helping of well deserved praise on Stevens’ work. I may have read all these stories before, as I’ve been trying to get the entire run of appearances of the character, which in theory isn’t going to be very difficult. Not many people are in a rush to get the books and there’s only about 100 issues total if you count all the variants that started showing up when IDW got the license. This is the first four or five issues of The Rocketeer, though these stories were B stories in another series, so they’re shorter than you’d expect, but it’s just fine for the type of story that Stevens was telling.

It’s also a large format book, about 50% taller and wider than normal book, something that I appreciated greatly and it looks super dope up on my display shelf.

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