Star Trek Video Games

Star Trek video games have been around almost as long as Star Trek itself. From humble beginnings as an unofficial text-based game playable on mainframe computers to modern multi-million dollar spectacles, Star Trek video games span the history of gaming itself.In Star Trek Video Games: An Unoff

I’m not sure if it’s the “send to kindle” option from NetGalley or it’s an issue with the actual book, but I believe every page had formatting errors, missing spaces, extra paragraph returns, and curiously placed images. The content of the book itself is an easy and breezy read that feels like I’m sitting down with several people discussing Trek video games, each of them with distinct writing styles and stances on what makes a good game, and one of them using stronger language than anyone else at the table. It’s a great look at the franchise’s fairly unsteady entry into the gaming space and works best when taking a more descriptive or analytical dissection of the games, particularly the ones from before our modern gaming era.

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