Grim Dawn on Steam

Enter an apocalyptic fantasy world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, iron is valued above gold and trust is hard earned. This ARPG features complex character development, hundreds of unique items, crafting and quests with choice & consequence.

I first started playing this about 3 years ago, finished the first level then promptly forgot that I was playing it. Luckily, I got back on the Grim Dawn horse and continued it as a result of needing a co-op game to play with a buddy on my Twitch stream, to much success. At first glance you’d be forgiven to make the obvious comparisons to the Diablo franchise: there’s an unspeakable evil happening around the world, you click around to shoot things, there’s tons of loot to pick up, and you’re the only one in the entire world that can do it. A closer examination though shows that there’s a depth that the Diablo franchise was never able to show me, and the DLC for GD is so seemless that I didn’t even realize that I had been playing it for a few hours before it was apparent that I was in DLC-land. My one complaint would be that I’m not a fan of the complicated build system that they have in place for the characters, and you really are required to seek out build generators for the classes you want to play, if only to save you hours of research in game. I was perfectly happy with the game after I found the right path to start down, but having to figure all that out was painful for me.

Steam says that I’ve played 31 hours, which is believable. It was an enjoyable amount of time to play the game, and I’m pretty sure I’m not even done with everything that I’ve purchased for it.

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