Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint

Become a Ghost, fighting against a rogue spec ops faction called the Wolves, in the latest Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon®!

I’m not done with this game, not by far, but it’s a solid enough experience that I’m going to be playing for the next few months off and on that I figured at about 20 hours in, I had a solid enough opinion about it that I could get the review done. Originally released back in 2019, they just had a sale for the omega premium pro ultra platinum edition which comes with most of the DLC, so I grabbed it and me and a buddy have been running around a giant island where there’s at least three different factions all fighting over the same scraps of land. The game play is well done and the story is serviceable, but there’s been some sacrifices made in order to make it so you could do most of the missions in any order and I’ve ultimately gotten pretty confused about exactly what I’m supposed to be doing at times.

Most of my complaints are minor though, with some slightly awkward clamber and ladder mechanics coupled with a “zero ui” interface that comes and goes at it’s own discretion and a mission system that is less of a list of missions than a canvas that’s about 2 times too big for the screen, so I’m constantly having to scroll around with a controller, which is the wooooorst.

But…it’s fun enough that I’m likely going to dump another 100 hours of my life into it, so there’s that. Maybe one day I’ll even set up the twitch stream again!

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