Last Woman on Earth

Last Woman on Earth: Directed by Roger Corman. With Betsy Jones-Moreland, Antony Carbone, Robert Towne. Ev, her husband Harold, and their friend Martin go scuba diving while on vacation in Puerto Rico. When they surface, they find that everyone on the island has died.

No clue how I missed this in my period where I was watching every post-apocalyptic film I could get my hands on, but here it is, one of the first versions of the story that I’ve run into. Released in 1960, it’s a full 25 years before “The Quiet Earth” which has the same conceit of “what happens when you’re the last person on earth, find out there’s a woman, then find out there’s another man?” The details are all different, but I believe this is the earliest example of this type of story.

It’s not bad either, Betsy Jones-Moreland is downright captivating as the ‘kept’ woman of a super rich guy always in trouble with the local politicians and the dynamic between the two male leads is believable and entertaining.

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