Star Trek: Vanguard: Summon The Thunder

The Taurus Reach: a remote interstellar expanse that holds a very old and potentially cataclysmic secret, the truth of which is feared by the Tholians, coveted by the Klingons, and dubiously guarded by the Federation.

Second book in the Vanguard series and things are moving much more quickly now, with Klingons Romulans, and Tholians all making major moves that result in the complete destructions of planets and entire solar systems. There’s great story being set up here and I’m happy to take the ride.

This book does remind me that i need to get the “before you read this” thing set up on my star trek book site, because there’s a series of books that came before this that they keep referencing, and man I feel like I’m missing out on something.

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