Conan the Barbarian

Conan the Barbarian: Directed by John Milius. With Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Earl Jones, Max von Sydow, Sandahl Bergman. A young boy, Conan, becomes a slave after his parents are killed and tribe destroyed by a savage warlord and sorcerer, Thulsa Doom. When he grows up he becomes a fearless, invincible fighter. Set free, he plots revenge against Thulsa Doom.

My wife and I have been playing “Conan: Exiles” for a couple weeks now, so I figured I’d give the movie a rewatch and boy howdy did the devs of that game really get the setting right. The movie’s version of Conan is much less of the fatal badass that appears for brief moments in the game, and much more of a common man that just happened to be raised from childhood on a wheel of pain that main him the man that Crom wished him to be.

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