A weird dream I had last night

I had a dream that stuck with me all day long, so figured it was strong enough to get written about:

An old old (overweight) coworker walking into my house, nude with a gun. My wife and I look at each other, the naked lady starts raving about something, walks outside. I go get my own gun, which is somehow now a 22, I proceed to empty it and try to reload it, but I’m fumbling with the rounds and they’re getting jammed up. I finally get it figured out, look out window she’s now standing outside my house with a (fully clothed) guy with p90 and pistol. They have a disagreement about how long to wait outside, then walk down the road back to their house. How do I know it’s their house? Dream memories I guess?

The dream shifts, I tell my wife to call 911 but she’s on the phone with her mom or a friend, talking about nothing important, but refusing to call the police.? I have to take phone from her and I call myself.

The dream shifts again, now we’re no longer in my normal house, but are in a ranch style house. There’s a team of four are out in the house to check the gas lines or repo neighbors house
I pull gun on them and hold them until the previously called cops (in the other dream shift) show up, who let them go, and the cops tell me I need to move my car, it’s illegally parked.

Go back in and we smell gas.

Fumbling with weapons or punching ineffectively is a pretty common dream for most people, I’ve heard there’s a few reasons for this, it’s normal to feel powerless in a world that you perceive as being larger than you, and there’s some physical reasons too, like your body literally being paralyzed while sleeping, to prevent you from acting out any nerve impulses that might happen. That doesn’t mean you can’t move, just that you’re generally disconnected from your body while in a deep sleep. The rest of it is just random nonsense, but when I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm this morning it sure felt important. I was getting up super early today to take the foster kittens in for their neutering, so maybe the anxiety of that combined with feeling general anxiety about the state of life combined to give me this paranoid dream?

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