“Fear the Night” Review

Fear the Night: Directed by Neil LaBute. With Maggie Q, Ito Aghayere, Philip Burke, James Carpinello. Follows Iraqi war veteran Tess, as she prepares to strike back after a group of home invaders attack during her sister’s bachelorette party, and she discovers that they are hellbent on not leaving any witnesses behind.

It’s a familiar story, friends go off on a camping / vacation trip, locals decide to mess with them, and it turns out that one of the friends has the willpower and knowhow to fight back and maybe even survive. Just because this is a familiar story though doesn’t mean that “Fear the Night” isn’t a great watch, with Maggie Q doing her very best to make it a honest film with some good action and a story that makes sense at nearly every turn, unlike other recent films of this style.

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