Okeeheepkee Prairie Trail

1294 Fuller Road Tallahassee FL 32303

I’m going to start logging the different parks in town that me and my wife are checking out every few weeks, if only so I can remember that I went there and maybe what my opinions of them were.

In this case, the park is described as:
> Located on the southern edge of Lake Jackson and just north of the I-10/ North Monroe Street interchange, the Okeeheepkee Prairie Trail weaves through the 26-acre Okeeheepkee Prairie Park, where visitors can marvel at a breathtaking scenic overlook located near the park entrance.

Which is to say it’s a 50×25 foot parking lot with a porta-potty and a very small playground with access to a pretty ok half mile loop, which I’m shocked to find out is a big ol nothing burger for me to walk. Turns out when you’re walking in nature it’s no struggle at all compared to the mental anguish that the treadmill involves. The loops goes around a small water feature that stands in the path of a meandering nature drainage system with overflow barriers on the north and south side. There’s several extremely informative signs around the park, the most interesting of which describes who the park is named after and details on how the county park system started back in the mid 80’s.

I rate this one 4/5 the only real draw back is how short the path is. We did two loops and got bored with the scenery pretty quickly.

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