Jackson View Trail

2585 Clara Kee Blvd Tallahassee FL 32303

This is the second park that we went to last Saturday and is a much more substantial bit of walking, though I think we gained a mile or two because we went off the official trail to check out some of the exposed Lake Jackson lakebed. The lake has a neat cycle of filling and draining via a system of sinkholes, so the lake levels can change up to 10 feet every few years. This leads to two different heights that docks and boardwalks are built at and when it’s at it’s low point like it is now you can walk by grass that’s over 8 feet tall.

The official path is pretty nice, well shaded and packed with no loose sand to struggle in. The trail is still shorter than what I’m really looking for, which I think is in the 5-10 mile range.

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